Sriman Chemicals (P) Ltd.

About the Product

Besides of wood cellulose, Cotton linters are the biggest and most important source of Chemical Pulp. Compared with wood cellulose, cotton linters offer significant advantages, such as higher purity, higher viscosity, higher brightness and lower content of hemi-celluloses. These characteristics make purified linters the ideal cellulose raw material,
when high quality products, such as tissue, gazes, high quality paper, nitro cellulose
and cellulose ethers, are to be manufactured.

Cotton Linters Pulp looks very white and is free from oil, dirt and other extraneous matter. Apart from physical verification  cotton linters pulp is subjected to various chemical tests to know the content of Alpha Cellulose, Moisture, Acidity, Mineral Matter, Ether Soluble Matter, Copper Number, Linter Dust, Iron etc. Tests to determine Solubility, Brightness, Hydrophility, Sulfuric Luminosity, Viscosity, Conductivity, Tear Factor, Wet strength, Klem absorbance with water etc., are also conducted if required, depending on the end use of the pulp.

Sriman Chemicals (P) Ltd., with on line quality verification systems and full fledged laboratory, can meet the specific quality requirements of customers.